*Session prices start at 1 hour scheduling except Weddings
Includes: Online Gallery + Retouched Photos
Options: Prints, Albums, Frames, Flash USB

Maternity + Birth + Newborn Photography Package

You have been counting down the weeks and days of when your little one will arrive and the excitement and joy you feel of bringing life into the world is exactly what you should focus on. Years down the line when your baby has grown up these photos will remind you of all that it was like to carry your precious child, give birth to them, remembering how small they were, and to share those beautiful memories with them. Recommended 34-38 weeks (8-9 months pregnant).

$575 All Sessions Included

Family Photoshoots

Every moment with your family is precious and as life goes by you will need pictures to remember every moment. Those moments where you laugh and smile or when you go to the beach for a swim and build sand castles. It’s those instances you want to look back on and laugh, smile, and cherish we understand that’s why we are here for you 100% to go to the limit and push much further than the rest.

$150 Session

We are here for YOU that's the foundation of our company contact us today and learn more!

Event Photography

You deserve photos that are excellent and well timed that is why I make sure that everything is perfectly set for the occasion. At Authority Pictures we take our work very seriously and we make sure that all of our time is put into making you our guest happy. Have questions or want to know more contact us today.        

$150 Session

Birthday Party Photography

Photos tell stories that can often become forgotten. At Authority Pictures we offer affordable pricing so that those memories won’t be forgotten but can be kept to show your children, family and friends. We strive hard to make every moment you share, truly memorable. Message us today to learn more!

$150 Session

Wedding Photography

One of the most important days of your life is your WEDDING hands down! You need superior quality photos taken at just the right moments at every angle and of course capturing all its beauty. Let’s be real, wedding photography is expensive but what we offer at Authority Pictures is premium and outstanding we do all the designing so that your pictures at the end of the day are outstanding. Questions? Contact us we are here to answer them don’t hesitate.

$1300 Session

Dance Photography

Every photo that I take I strive for quality and creative ways to make your pictures more vibrant and professional. Quality truly maters when it comes to dance as there are lots of fast movements that take place, that is why we make sure that what we offer is stunning and beautiful.

$180 Session

Nature Photography

Going on a trip, need a photographer to take all the beautiful landscapes your feet will walk on and your eyes will see, say no more we got you. At Authority Pictures we take Nature Photography very seriously the astounding beauty of creation needs to be told and you are its pioneer to explore its vast splendor! Your time is now, contact us today!

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Newborn Photography

Moments like these are precisely the time to take pictures of your newborn because the moments you spend now with all the joy and happiness will one day become forgotten but by having pictures to remember these moments it will not only bring a smile to your face but also to all that see it.


$250 Session


Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in making our prices very affordable for you while others are stacking their prices higher and higher. Call us today and we will give you a quote on the service that you would like to receive if it is not already listed, we never push you into purchasing from us but we believe that you deserve honesty and reliability and most of all LOVE!

Most of the time we do but if we can take you in for a certain time and we are free we will gladly welcome you without a reservation.

We are happy to except cash, e-transfer, PayPal & check whatever works easier for you. We take a deposit in the beginning when you sign with us and then the remainder at the end of the photo shoot.

Once your photos are ready you will receive an email from us that will send you to our cloud gallery where you can see and download all the pictures that were taken in High Resolution in PNG so basically no loss of quality at all. We offer as well the option of printing them out for you as well! Contact us for more info.

We will absolutely stay as long as you need us for, we are here to make you happy!

You will receive 200 digital photos depending on the session and 12 premium photo print outs of the best moments (your choice). Last but not least our your needs first customer service so that you are certain you are happy with your experience with us!