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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in making our prices very affordable for you while others are stacking their prices higher and higher. Call us today and we will give you a quote on the service that you would like to receive, we never push you into purchasing from us but we believe that you deserve honesty and reliability and most of all LOVE!

Most of the time we do but if we can take you in for a certain time and we are free we will gladly welcome you without a reservation.

We are happy to except Interact Flash – Tap, Debit, Credit, & Cash, or whatever works easier for you. We take a deposit in the beginning when you sign with us and then the remainder at the end of the photo shoot.

You will receive your pictures in a Client Photo Gallery that will hold all the pictures that were taken in High Resolution in PNG so basically no loss of quality at all. There is also an option where we can print them out for you as well! Contact us for more info.

We will absolutely stay as long as you need us for, we are here to make you happy!